Registered on June 8th 2005, the Speedway Karting Association of Australasia (SKAA) set about the task of establishing a common set of rules and regulations for speedway karters Australia wide, with member clubs in each state. The concept was met with eagerness when clubs were approached to join, with Vic, NSW and Qld being the first to join followed by S.A., Tas and N.T. There have been a few ups and downs as you would expect being a new entity, however as time progresses the SKAA is continuing to grow in its strength, knowledge and unity. Several State and National Titles have been held by various clubs around Australia using the SKAA guidelines, with each one improving on the previous, giving the members quality Blue Ribbon Events worthy of competing in and remembering. One of the greatest assets of the SKAA is the promotion of “Family Friendly” and “Fun”. It is a common sight at Blue Ribbon events to see competitors helping fellow competitors, even in the same class.

2018/19 sees a new beginning for the SKAA with a new management committee elected and a new direction focused Junior development, expanding the club base, supporting existing clubs and revamping the rule book. The SKAA now consists of 17 clubs nationally with more looking to join. Karting in Australia sees various blue ribbon events run through Australia including the Mildura Allpowers, Kids Royal and Ironman 55, Des Carsburg Memorial, Queen of the Karts and Double Trouble. State and National Titles are well supported and see the best drivers competiting for #1 plates throughout Australia. 2019/20 will see Sub Juniors compete for the first time at State and National titles allowing the association to showcase all classes for the first time in the Associations history.

The SKAA anticipates continued growth, and is looking at different ways to promote this exciting “Family Involvement” sport. Why not join a club in your area and experience the thrill of speedway go-karting.