Tyson Martin is the back to back Sunraysia Dirt Karters All Powers Nationals champion.
The Flinders University student returned ‘home’ to Olympic Park Speedway Mildura for the weekend to win a nail-biting thirty-lap A-Main by the barest of margins from team mate and kart owner Dylan Goodger in second and Jason Loft in third.
The top three were separated by an incredible 0.321 of a second as the chequers flew.
The early leader was Mark Burford leading a rapid group of Rhys Hackett, Ryan Alexander, Darren Holt, Martin and Loft.
Martin began to pick his way towards the point position and began to skip away ahead after eventually passing Mark Burford.
Hackett and Burford collided shortly after however and brought on the yellow lights after Hackett ended up bouncing across the front end of Burford.
Both emerged unhurt, Burford was reinstated in his position but Hackett was sent to the rear for being deemed the cause of the stoppage.
Loft accounted for Burford and set off in hot pursuit of Martin but it was Goodger who was blazing through the back of the field after coming from the B-Main last chance race not long earlier.
Loft had several legitimate shots at Martin’s lead but Goodger began gathering them both in as the laps ticked by and the white flag came out.
With a lap to go it could have been anyone’s race between Martin and Loft but Goodger reined them both in and screamed into the second place position.
Martin held on by 0.286 of a second from Goodger in second and Loft (who had won the Modified main event the night before) scrambled to narrowly pick up third place.
Northern Territorian Darren Holt managed to zip past Burford and pick up fourth place whilst Tasmanian Cody Dransfield filled out the top five.
Victorian lady racers Alisha Fielder and Steph Van Ginnekin finished sixth and seventh respectively.
Fielders’ drive in particular was remarkable considering she’d come second in the B-Main to Goodger and rolled over earlier in the night injuring her arm in the process.
Ryan Alexander (who won the Standards Stampede the night before) finished ninth with William Millerd Stevens rounding out the top ten.
Luke Sievwright finished eleventh after coming from the B-Main with Sydney veteran Brad Cunneen twelfth (after also transferring from the B-Main) Rhys Hackett thirteenth and Ararat veteran Alan Saint placing thirteenth and the last kart running.
DNF’s including Thomas Walkom, Brenton Farrer, Ben Stone and Chad Rodda.
Teenager Martin paid tribute to his kart owners Ray and Dylan Goodger, his father Shannon and their long list of sponsors who came on board the MBR Team for the season and weekend.
“It means a lot to win this race back to back,” he explained, “it’s a fantastic event for Speedway karts and this club works really hard to make it happen. Getting forty karts in the All Power class and over one hundred and twenty overall is a huge thing for the sport and for Mildura. I feel really honored to win it and I’m so grateful to Ray and Dylan and Dad, Trudi, my brother Todd, Zoe, Abbie my girlfriend Louise and all the Gale family. I can’t thank them all enough.”

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