Prelude to Aust Titles 2024

Nominations Open: Sunday 25th of February 2024 12:00:00 AM
Nominations Close: Wednesday 20th of March 2024 08:00:00 PM
Late Nominations Close: Wednesday 20th of March 2024 08:00:00 PM
Nominations are closed

Entry List

Sub Junior

Slaytah Wood


Tyler Luck
Cianna James
Lillian Marks
Maverick Mergard
Seth Davison
Hayden Lumsden
Braxton Kotsano
Nate Wood
Tyriani Wood
Ashton Bolton
Braxtyn Thomsen

Junior Standard

Harry Lumsden
Kallan Manning
Tayla Stothard
Lachlan Saxby
Ruby Attard
Jye Cant
Luca Ponti
Sam Nucifora
John Emery
Georgie Moller

Standard Light

Alice Litzow
Jay Hobson
Shane Manning
Jackson Olling
Amanda Chaffey
Steve Mergard
Tennille Marks
Jayden Dugdell
Calem Saxby
Trey Thompson
Trey Thompson
Andrew Roeser

Standard Medium

Mick Harders
Ben Wood
Mark Bolton
William Roeser
Cohen O’Toole

Standard Heavy

Amie Burman
Jayden Barnes
Aaron Watt
Rhion King
Cameron Jones
Sam Webb


No Entries


Mick Harders
Larissa Manning
Jakob Dorman
Liam Niblock
Alex Petersen
Ashleigh Moller
Bek Donovan


Jack Lumsden
Trent Sanderson
Mikahla Webb

125cc Pro

Liam Niblock
Chad Sampson
Darren Gosnell
Cameron Jones
Richard Mapp
Chris Brady
Wayne Moller
Jack Lumsden

Nomination Form

$20 per Transponder (Maryborough Only)

Please include which section each kart number belongs to if applicable. For example: Standard Speedway Kart - NT#24

Please include the kart number each transponder is allocated to. For example (#26 - 185261)

By checking this box you accept the following indemnification: This entry will be accepted only on the condition that the vehicle entered, the owner, the driver therefore any other person connected with the said vehicle whilst participating in the above mentioned contest do so at their own risk. The entrant, driver or any person connected with the vehicle entered shall have no claim against any of the organisers or the people acting on behalf of the organisers or promoters for any loss, damage or injury to them in the said contest or surrounds. I acknowledge and understand and will abide with the Speedway Australia racing rules and those set out in this nomination form and its attachments.

Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway