Standard Stampede

Nominations Open: Sunday 8th of May 2022 12:00:00 AM
Nominations Close: Wednesday 1st of June 2022 09:00:00 PM
Late Nominations Close: Wednesday 1st of June 2022 09:00:00 PM
Nominations are open

Entry List

Sub Junior

Cooper Marks


Armani Harders
Jye Cant
Baxter Attard
Connor Smith
Maverick Mergard
Lillian Marks
Jack Eddie
Ashton Bolton
Harry Lumsden
Harry Lumsden
Ruby Attard

Junior Standard

Armani Harders
Tayla Stothard
Connor Baxter
Jack Lumsden
Cooper Eddie
Georgie Moller


Bek Donovan
Steve Mergard
John Watson
Drew Baxter
Tennille Marks
Nathan Marks
Ashleigh Moller

Standard Heavy

Rhion King
Richard Mapp
Natalie Wright
Wayne Moller


No Entries


No Entries

125cc GB

No Entries

125cc NGB

Liam Niblock
Chad Sampson

Nomination Form

$20 per Transponder

Please include which section each kart number belongs to if applicable. For example: Standard Speedway Kart - NT#24

Please include the kart number each transponder is allocated to. For example (#26 - 185261)

INDEMNITY CLAUSE I, the person stated above DO HEREBY AGREE to indemnify and keep the Promoter, Landholder, their Agents and Officials from all actions, suits, claims and demands for damages or any other expenses what so ever arising out of, or relating to or from the use by me on the Maryborough Sporting Car Club circuit and it’s surrounds for the purpose connected with practice and / or competitive racing or trials and or motor events. I further agree that I will promptly carry out any reasonable instructions from any Official of the Maryborough Sporting Car Club and will not in any way, do or suffer to be done, anything contrary to the regulations of the said club. The DRIVER shall be responsible for his or her Pit Crew according to the racing rules and regulations. I also understand that the nominated driver and his/her pit crew may appear in visual media (i.e. photographs, video footage) that is taken inside this speedway complex and that it remains the property of the media personnel involved; I also agree to any visual media involving the nominated driver and his/her pit crew to be used by the associated media personnel and/or Maryborough Sporting Car Club.
The promoter/club has the right to refuse any nomination.

By checking this box you accept the following indemnification: This entry will be accepted only on the condition that the vehicle entered, the owner, the driver therefore any other person connected with the said vehicle whilst participating in the above mentioned contest do so at their own risk. The entrant, driver or any person connected with the vehicle entered shall have no claim against any of the organisers or the people acting on behalf of the organisers or promoters for any loss, damage or injury to them in the said contest or surrounds. I acknowledge and understand and will abide with the Speedway Australia racing rules and those set out in this nomination form and its attachments.

Nomination Fee Per Driver Per Class:
Adults $70
Juniors $40
Second Class $40
Transponders $20

Nomination Fee Payments
Account Name: MSCC
BSB: 034 128
Account: 612300

Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway