Queensland Title

Nominations Open: Wednesday 14th of August 2019 12:00:00 AM
Nominations Close: Friday 18th of October 2019 02:00:00 PM
Late Nominations Close: Thursday 24th of October 2019 02:00:00 PM
Nominations are closed

Entry List

Sub Junior

Bellah Huth
Jebadiah Huth
Maverick Mergard
Livi Jorgensen
Sam Nucifora
Leon Clauss
Maddasen Elliott
Scarlett Hancock
Connor Smith
Ashton Bolton
Nate-James Wood


Max Black
Armani Harders
Max Black
Georgie Moller
Kaine Richters
Aiden Barsby
Kallan Manning
Kiyarna Manning
Mikayla Garcina
Aiden Barsby
Blake Burton
Brock Hughes
Joel Buettel
Blaxx Caton
Lachlan Saxby
Cooper Eddie
Jack Eddie
Jackson Olling
Jac Laneyrie
Charlie Gutsch-Berry
Jayden Hancock
Cooper Reid
Tayla Stothard
Patrick Ray
Simon Caplet

Junior Standard

Kacy-Lee Black
Kacy-lee Black
Kaine Richters
Jake Hodges
Jasmine Miller
Joel Buettel
Calem Saxby
Jackson Olling
Jac Laneyrie
Taylor Prosser


Julia Crepin
Dakota Laverty
Marie Miller
Katelyn Moiola
Darren Catchpole
Trent Wyer
Alisha Fielder
Luke Giddy
Tina Hancock
Natalie Wright
Jason Brown
Clay Seaborne
Clay Seaborne
Jake Reid
Corey Stothard
Sam Gollschewsky
Benjamen Wood

Standard Heavy

Mackayla Harders
Michael Harders
Glenn Richters
Jesse Gollschewsky
Steven Barsby
Amy Moiola
carlo moiola
Jayden Barnes
Timothy Wessling
Scott Adams
Reece Evans
Shane Gutsch-Berry
Harry Smith
Matthew Gordon
Scott Adams
Paul Kuzmanovic


Michael Harders
Larissa Manning
Joshua Brault
Brad Petersen
Jeffrey Campbell
Richard Brown
Shane Gutsch-Berry
Trent Sanderson
Kobe Mcdermott
Nathan Marks
Nev Britton


Robert Parfitt
Steve Smith
Shane Crisp
Alisha Fielder
Brad Petersen
Matthew Gordon
Nathan Marks

125cc GB

Scott Mcdermott
Dion Smith
Russell Williamson
Phil Perrott
Trent Sanderson
Justin Draper
Luke Pomeroy
Paul Kuzmanovic

125cc NGB

Brendan Fitzgerald
Darren Nilsen
Darren Nilsen
Brad Petersen
Justin Clauss
James Eddie
Jason Brown
Kate Brown
Damian Currie
Liam Niblock
Nicholas Gray

200cc Twin

No Entries

Nomination Form


Please include which section each kart number belongs to if applicable. For example: Standard Speedway Kart - NT#24

Please include the kart number each transponder is allocated to. For example (#26 - 185261)

$40 per Transponder

20mb per file MAX pdf,docx,doc,jpg,jpeg,png file types only

File name:

File size:

File name:

File size:

File name:

File size:

By checking this box you accept the following indemnification: This entry will be accepted only on the condition that the vehicle entered, the owner, the driver therefore any other person connected with the said vehicle whilst participating in the above mentioned contest do so at their own risk. The entrant, driver or any person connected with the vehicle entered shall have no claim against any of the organisers or the people acting on behalf of the organisers or promoters for any loss, damage or injury to them in the said contest or surrounds. I acknowledge and understand and will abide with the Speedway Australia racing rules and those set out in this nomination form and its attachments.

I Accept that I have read, understood and agree to adhered to the supplementary regulations of this event.

Dinner Tickets
Adults $30
Kids Under 10-14 $10
Kids under 10 Free

Number of adults

Number of Children 10-14

Number of Children Under 10

Nomination Fee & BBQ must be paid within the next 3 days via EFT to
Bank Details for Direct Deposit
Bendigo Bank
BSB 633 000
A/C 144280906

Maryborough Speedway